Ease Mosquito Bites with a Banana Peel!

With warmer times comes the inevitable arrival of the mosquito. There is no reason why you should spend all of your time hiding inside, enjoy your fun in the sun just remember to bring a banana!

May sound crazy but while you are out camping and having a good ‘ol time these little bugs are looking for a tasty meal! You can try different natural bug sprays, incense, and even specific plants to help bring some relief to your outdoor experience but in the end, you or someone you know is eventually going to get bitten.

Did you know that you can use a banana peel to ease those itchy mosquito bites?

That’s right, this may sound pretty basic but you can literally enjoy a nice healthy banana and then use the banana peel right on your itchy spots for quick relief and faster healing. CHECK IT OUT!

This technique seriously works so well that whenever my family members or I personally get bitten we go straight to the kitchen and grab a banana! In our experience, if you use the banana peel right away the itching goes away within a minute or two and then the bumps fade over the next few hours.

If you have a really big bite, have been scratching it, or have been neglecting it for a few days then you may have to apply it a couple of times a day till the itching and swelling go away.

Note: If the redness doesn’t go away, a white center starts to appear, you get funny lines coming out of the center of the bite or it changes to an odd color then it may not be a mosquito bite and you may need to consult a doctor.

Benefits of Bananas!

bananasWhile you are enjoying the healing benefits of your Banana Peel don’t forget to enjoy the banana too!

Did you know that bananas can help you lose weight? That is right, the water-soluble fiber in the banana can help you feel full for hours which can help reduce overeating. So not only can you enjoy something sweet to help calm your cravings but you can stay full longer with the banana.

Bananas have a great amount of potassium which is crucial to parts of your nervous system and heart. Your nerves literally need potassium in order to send messages in the form of electrical impulses to the rest of your body. Bananas also have Vitamin A which can help with night vision as well as tryptophan which is a chemical that you body will quickly turn into the chemical serotonin which helps us to avoid depression.

This incredible fruit can help balance your blood sugar while you are out having fun in the sun and if perfect for helping you stay energized during exercise. Bananas also contain calcium which can help aid in strengthening your bones and iron which can help keep away anemia.

So as you can see bananas are great for your health and you can eat them plain or toss them into your smoothie for a delicious and filling snack! Let us know in the comments below if you found relief from your mosquito bites and what else you have found that can protect you from future bites!


Benefits of Bananas

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