10 Mysteries of the Ancient World

Whenever I think about the ancient world I am baffled at how much we really don’t know. Every time humanity makes another discovery we are reminded of the many mysteries and that we will never know everything about this world that, although seemingly familiar, actually contains millions of years of secret history.

When we look at ancient artifacts it is baffling how technologically advanced some past cultures were. This drastically changes the way we view these “primitive people”.

Find out more about these unique and mind blowing discoveries in the video below!


Baghdad Batteries
Baghdad Batteries

10. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica– In Costa Rica, they have found over 300 ancient stone spheres. They range in size from small to very large. What is crazy about all of this precise work is that we know very little and who made them or why.

9. The Piri Reis Map– This super detailed world map from 1513 shows the coasts of Europe, Africa, and Brazil. The skill that goes into this is unlike any other of its time!

8. Baghdad Batteries– From around 250 BC till 250 AD these batteries were found in ancient Baghdad. Can you image people using electricity back in those days? I wonder what devices they used them to power, or if they were used as part of a healing technique. How was this technology developed or who shared it with them?

The Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript

7. Giant Ancient Eggs– This giant ancient egg suggests that there may have been super dinosaurs that were much bigger than we thought possible. This means we have a lot more discoveries yet to be made!

6. The Voynich Manuscript This ancient Manuscript found in the 15th century has never been deciphered. Not only do we not know what it says but it appears to be a guide to either some sort of hermetic practice, alchemy, herbalism, astronomy or all of the above.

5. Mystery Stone of Lake Winnipesaukee- This ancient carved, egg-shaped stone was found in 1872 and is of unknown origins. It is completely out of place in the world and has many different carvings on it from the moon to a face.

Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism

4. Antikythera Mechanism– This is the first analog computer ever found and dates back to 150 – 100 BC.  The device was used to track the sun, moon, and other phases which would have been an incredible device to have over two thousand years ago.

3. Hidden Character Stone In the little village of Zhangbu, south China there is an ancient stone dating back 270 million years and has Chinese characters on it. When you think about the fact that the Chinese say their culture was given to them from visitors from another planet this starts to make just a tiny bit more sense.

2. The Fuente Magna Stone- Found in Bolivia this stone dates back 3500 years and has Sumerian cuneiform on it.  This is strong evidence that the two sides of the ancient world were actually in contact.

1. London, Texas Artifact– In London, Texas a couple found an ancient hammer in the 1930s.  This hammer has been dated back to 400 million years ago! Can you image in people have been around and using tools for that long?

London, Texas Artifact
London, Texas Artifact

This begs many questions about our past such as how much is still left undiscovered? We there advanced cultures in the past that are no longer around? Were some of these ancient cultures connected to one another? Did they have help?

It seems that no matter how many questions we answer we always seem to uncover at least two more questions to take their place. This also means there is always more to discover which is why we should keep our eyes open and keep searching for answers to the mysteries before us.

Let us know what other mysteries you have found and what you think about the 10 above.

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