30 Healing Reasons to do a 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Yoga is more than just a physical practice, it is a mental and spiritual philosophy as well. Yoga can be a great way to practice self-mastery over your body, mind and reconnect with your spirit. Yoga focuses on a series of poses that stimulate energy flow and along with breathing techniques that can be a powerful tool for transforming your life.

Earlier this year I did a 30-day Yoga Challenge. It was a bit of an adjustment in the beginning but after doing yoga for 30 days I found that I liked it so much that I added it to my daily morning routine. Now, I have noticed that I don’t feel as good or balanced on the days that I don’t do yoga.  

Originally I didn’t feel like I had time for a daily commitment to yoga but a friend of mine shared a 30-day yoga challenge program with me where you only do it for 10 minutes a day. After going through the challenge and learning the poses, I started doing it on my own and at my own pace combining the moves in a way that built up my energy and helped keep my core strong.

Yoga is great for people of all ages and flexibilities. After about halfway through the challenge, you will notice a big difference in your ability to do all the regular movements.

For many years, I struggled with back pain, joint inflammation, and sciatica, when I do yoga regularly I notice a big difference in my pain level, flexibility, and overall strength. I feel lighter, younger, and have much more energy than I did before starting the challenge.

I believe one of the biggest benefits I found from doing yoga on a regular basis was my ability to rebalance my emotions.  There is something incredible about how yoga opens up the floodgates of different emotions and helps you balance and work through your issues.

Through breathing techniques, I learned how to calm my mind, think more clearly and feel more at peace.  After that, I was able to become more present and aware within my body.  I felt my senses waking back up and life becoming more vivid.

pexels-photo-12346-largeI am so grateful for my experiences with yoga and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to grow and improve their life, that they should give yoga a try.  Also, don’t worry if you miss a day. It takes some time to adjust to something new. Just pick up where you left off and keep going.

Benefits to your Body and Mind that come when you do Yoga for 30 days.

Here are 30 medically proves benefits to yoga as well as the benefits that I found in my own yoga practice.

1. Flexibility

2. Muscle strength

3. Posture

4. Mental Clarity

5. Emotional balance

6. Stronger core

7. Strengthen breathing

8. Heart Health

9. Blood pressure

10. Reduce Stress

11. Physical Balance

12. Boosts meditation by quieting the mind

13. Grounding

14. Improved Mood

15. Joints/Spine

16. Gastrointestinal.

17. Immune System Boost

18. Pain tolerance

19. Metabolism

20. Body Awareness

21. Self-mastery

22. Improved Memory

23. Lymphatic system health

24. Endurance

25. Decreases Asthma

26. Arthritis Reduction

27. Sciatica

28. Type II diabetes- Stimulates Insulin

29. Anger Management

30. Better and more restful Sleep

Just make sure that you keep going, even if your practice is interrupted by you family or pets.

Are you a fan of Yoga? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.








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Kirsten is a writer who loves to practice vipassana meditation, hiking, travel, nature, consciousness, and working to make the world a better place. Her current interests involve studying and practicing flow, staying In Flow, and recognizing the natural flow of the universe. Kirsten loves to learn about the holistic healing arts. She is also interested in ancient cultures and practices such as Druidism. Kirsten is honored to be part of such an incredible movement of love and heart-centered living in this world.

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