5 Pros and 5 Cons of a Raw Food Diet

In a world full of unhealthy options it is good to know that some people have found other alternative lifestyles that can help increase our health, detox our bodies, and help us have the energy we need to create the very best lives for ourselves and our families.

Since making a lifestyle change is much more effective than going on a temporary diet it is important to research various options and pick the one that fits your situation the best.

What is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw food diet is exactly how it sounds: raw foods. Nothing is steamed, cooked, grilled, or comes in contact with heat of any kind. Why do people eat foods like this? Well, there is a huge amount of nutrients in food that can decrease or cook out of your food completely when you heat it up to certain temperatures.

Raw food diets allow for you to ferment, freeze, or dehydrate your food as long as you don’t heat the food to over 110 degrees. This makes sure that the foods natural enzymes and nutrients are intact.

While some raw foodists will still eat meat in its raw form many other groups do not recommend it because not only does animal products create an immune response but the animal industry consumes an enormous amount of the world’s resources.

Environmental Impact

  • Livestock consumes 50% of the U.S. water supply
  • They consume 80% of our grain
  • 20 pounds of forage and grain is required to create 1 pound of meat
  • 2,500 gallons of water is needed to create 1 pound of meat
  • only 25 gallons of water is needed to make 1 pound of wheat
  • 500,000 animals are killed every hour in the US for their meat

With those stats may people choose either a vegan or a raw food diet where meat isn’t included. I am going to briefly go over the pros and cons of a raw food diet and then invite you to enjoy the video with much more detail below.

5 Pros of Raw Food Diets

  • Less processed foods
    • No preservatives from packaged foods.
    • Less Toxins or artificial ingredients.
    • Less Sodium from not eating out.
    • Avoid common toxic issues such as bromated flour in bread.
  • Weight Loss
    • Less salt means less weight retention.
    • Toxins can hold up to 30% more body fat.
    • Losing weight can help heal type 2 diabetes. [3]
  • Cure Diseases [6]
  • Antioxidants
    • Raw Foods are Loaded with Nutrients that Prevent DNA Damage.
  • Community
    • There are Raw Food Festivals you can attend.
    • There is a large online community.
    • Some people have found spiritual benefits to eating Raw Foods.

5 Cons of Raw Food Diets

  • Toxic Produce
    • Unless you can afford all organic you are eating a lot of pesticides.
    • Produce is sometimes dipped in wax or dyed.
  • Underweight
    • Some people keep losing weight after they start a raw food diet.
    • Its just a bit harder to make sure you are getting enough calories.
  • Expensive up front
    • Though long terms you will have less risk of diseases the upfront costs to get raw foods is higher.
  • Enamel Damage
    • Some fruit, such as citrus can cause damage to your teeth. (Use a straw) [4]
  • Dogma & Pseudoscience
    • Many people stop their Raw food diet after they cure their diseases and sometimes their community doesn’t support that.
    • Sometimes dogma or other false beliefs that aren’t backed by science are passed around.

Check out this video below where Mic will go over more about each of the concerns above.

I think personally that the more I learn about the benefits of a raw food diet the more I want to give it a try and use it as a good base for the majority of my eating. Then I can use a vegan diet as my backup plan for the rest of my eating so that I can enjoy as many of the benefits as possible but still have a vegan burrito or sandwich once in a while.

So what do you think, is a Raw Food Diet for you? Let us know your thoughts and concerns in the comments below.


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