9 Ways to Live Longer, Advice from People Over 100!

UCLA biologists have found a gene that can slow the aging process in your entire body when activated in specific organ systems! While working with fruit flies, these scientists activated a gene known as AMPK this is an important energy sensor in cells; which gets activated when cellular energy levels are getting low.

“AMP-activated protein kinase—an energy sensor that regulates all aspects of cell function. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a sensor of energy status that maintains cellular energy homeostasis.” – D. Grahame Hardie

In the study, scientists found that by increasing the amount of AMPK in fruit flies’ intestines it would increase their lifespans by about 30 percent. This puts them living around 8 weeks instead of the average 6 weeks.

When you put this into human years it is like the average 80-year-old person living to be around 104. On top of living longer, the fruit flies were much healthier than normal!

Now imagine if we applied this genetic technique to someone who is already supposed to live to be over 100 years old?

There is a whole group of people, known as Centenarians, that have lived to be over 100 years old. We have found a short documentary about two Supercentenarians, from the Spice Mountains of South Western India who have lived to be over 110! Check it out below!

If you found that interesting there are rumors that a man in China lived to be around 250 years old! Li Ching Yuen was a herbalist who practiced Qigong and said his secret to long life was to possess the following traits in your life:

  • Tranquil mind
  • Sit like a tortoise
  • Walk sprightly like a pigeon
  • Sleep like a dog

In addition to that list here are 9 Activities that are linked to a longer life!

1. Being Spiritual

Having some sort of spiritual practice or belief has been linked to longer lives. You don’t have to be a specific religion or even believe in God to qualify for this category. Having a reverence for life and believing in something more than yourself is enough to enjoy the benefits of a longer life.

2. Health or Healing knowledge

As you heard in the video above, both of our Supercentenarians were known for their knowledge and ability to heal others. Perhaps the knowledge of healing isn’t only for ourselves. Perhaps science will find a spark of longevity in those who take the time to ease the suffering of others.

3. Being Positive

Joy, laughter and having a good view of life is important for maintaining your youth. Make sure you are laughing every day and finding ways to surround yourself with happy people and activities that make you smile. If you plan on living a long time you might as well have a happy life.

4. Healthy Diet

Both of our Supercentenarians had unique diets. Studies have shown that if you want to live longer you need to at least double the amount of fruits and veggies that you are eating each day.  Having an alkaline diet can restore the body and make it hard for diseases to take root!

5. Have Creative Hobbies

Having hobbies that keep you in touch with your imagination are important for maintaining the health of your mind.  Music, art, inventing, learning, and sports are all wonderful examples of things that we can keep doing even when we are older to keep expanding our minds. No one wants to Die of Boredom.

6. Be Social

Woman appear to live longer than men because they generally have a more established social circle. Having friends to share in experiences and memories can be the secret to not only living longer but having a reason to keep on living. It has also been shown that people who don’t marry or are not in a loving partnership are much more likely to die of heart disease. WOW, it’s almost like dying of a broken heart when you think about it!

7. Stay Connected to Nature

Both of our examples above had a strong connection to and respect for nature. Keeping our planet healthy is important to keeping ourselves healthy. If we destroy our sources of fresh water, food and air how can we expect or even want to live a long life?  Walking around barefooted and having a direct connection to the earth has also been linked to a long and healthy life!

8. Be Active

Make sure you get up and move around after reading this article because research has shown that sitting for long bouts of time put people at risk for shorter lifespans and other health risks. A study done in 2011 found that each time we sit for 1 hour and watch TV, after the age of 25, we deduct 22 minutes from our overall life expectancy!

9. Spend time with the Youth

Being with children, telling stories, playing and remembering what life was like when you were young helps you keep a youthful spirit and stay young. Women who wait to have kids until they are in their 40s have actually been proven to live longer. Children can teach us so much about being excited and happy in our lives.

There are many examples of people living longer, healthier lives. Perhaps the biggest secret is starting while we are young to listen to the older more experienced people in our lives. If nothing else it will help keep them younger longer. Maybe they can also teach us how to enjoy life now and take better care of our bodies and minds.

Maybe it is time to stop and smell the roses…

What do you do to stay young? Let us know in the comments below!

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