Studies Show that Your Animal Might Be Psychic!

Do the animals around us have ESP (extra sensory perception) and psychic abilities? Could it be that some of our most basic human functions are holding us back from being able to unlock many of these abilities in our own DNA?

There have been some amazing animals in history with the ability to sense danger, communicate telepathically, find people over great distances, sense when someone is near death, and many other unexplainable things!

Scientists who are studying this interesting topic have coined the term anpsi which is short for psi-animal. Psi being the 23rd letter in the greek alphabet that is used when referring to anything with a paranormal tie and “an” which is short for animal.  Anpsi is used in reference to any kind of psychic communication between an animal and its environment, another animal or human that seems to occur through unexplained or unidentified channels.

Scientists have been looking at psychic abilities in animals for a while now trying to understand the phenomenon better in humans.

pexels-photo-106822-large, psychicWe already have heard of and are amazed by the extraordinary use of the regular senses in animals such as echolocation in bats, sharks feeling vibrations miles away, snakes sensing tiny changes in temperature, knife fish generating their own electrical fields but there are some psychic abilities that animals possess that go far beyond our realms of understanding at this time.
One of the most interesting examples is Bobbie the Dog. This part collie part English sheepdog was separated from him family in August of 1923. Over the space of 6 months, he embarked on an amazing journey from Indiana to Oregon, USA! He took routes he had never seen and later animal experts interviewed witnesses reconstructing his unbelievable journey.

How could a dog cross 2,551 miles (4,105 km) to find his family? There must be something more going on that we don’t yet understand about the extra senses inside the animals around us.

Joseph Banks Rhine is the father of much of the research done on psychic abilities in animals. After years of research, he broke the abilities down into 5 categories.

1. Telepathic with others

For example, there are a lot of animals that can sense when their humans are about to come home and will begin to react to it before it has happened.

pexels-photo-51022-large, psychicNow we know there is a large debate about the ethics of hunting and domesticated animals in general but we found the results of the connection between human and dog in this experiment interesting.  In 1965-66 Researchers at the Rockland State Hospital did a series of experiments between dogs and their humans.  At the hospital, they had two copper-lined chambers that screened out sound and vibrations.
Then they had two hunting dogs in one chamber and their human companion in the other.  When the man was shown pictures of birds he would typically hunt he was instructed to shoot at the pictures with an air gun. What they found is that when he did that his dogs, who were in a different isolated chamber, would begin to bark and whine.  This led the scientists to suspect some sort of telepathic connection between the dogs and their humans.

This study has also be reproduced in different forms with dogs being separated but reacting the same to an event that only one of the dogs experienced.

Telepathic abilities have also been documented in other animals. For example, at Duke University Dr. Karlis Osis found a lot of success in giving mental commands to animals, especially kittens.  He would mentally guide them through mazes by mentally telling them to turn left or right.  When he connected with and helped the cats they performed much better than the cats who attempted the maze on their own.

2. Precognition

The sensing of danger before it happens. For example, animals have been documented to become anxious and frantic before natural disasters happen such as earthquakes, avalanches, cyclones and volcanic eruptions.  It is suspected that animals can sense subtle vibrations and barometric pressure to help with these predictions.

pexels-photo-69977-large, psychicHowever, there are some examples of animals predicting events that are outside the normal range of natural disasters.  For example in Freiburg Park, a duck began to make a huge ruckus right before the allies bombed the area in World War II this bird’s alarm saved hundreds of lives because the people who heard it sought out shelter.

3. Sensing Death of someone before it happens or over a great distance.

One of the biggest examples of this was Abraham Lincoln’s dog who was howling and racing around the white house shortly before he was shot.

After people have passed away there have been many cases of dogs finding their owners grave and then standing guard for sometimes even years!  The connections between humans and animals are truly amazing.

4.  Homing Behavior

Be it the magnetics of the earth or another sense we haven’t identified yet animals are able to find their way home even over great distances. Such as the example of Bobbie the dog, many other animals such as pigeons, have a built-in ability to find their way back home.

droplets-fountain-water-bird-71544-large, psychicAnother cute story of Homing behavior was about a little boy named Hugh Brady Perkins who, in 1940, found a pigeon in his back yard with the identification tag of 167.  He took care of the bird and they became friends. One snowy night the boy was driven 120 miles away to a hospital to have surgery. The pigeon was left at the boy’s home. While the boy was recovering the nurse heard fluttering noises at the window. When she opened the window it revealed the exact pigeon with the tag 167 that the boy had befriended!

5. Finding loved ones even if they were lost in an unfamiliar location also known as psi-location.

In these studies, scientists will have the human stay in an area the dog has never been before and observe how the dog is able to find his human. They suspect that the animals are able to pick up on a vibration or energy that we are not yet able to measure with science.
pexels-photo-24104-large, psychicOne example of this was a cat named sugar who was easily stressed when riding in automobiles so when the family moved from California to Oklahoma they found Sugar a new home with the neighbors. Around 14 months later they were surprised to find their cat on the farm they had moved to. They identified the cat because of a unique deformity of the hip joint and also the old neighbors said that cat had gone missing.

Many of the researchers involved in these interesting cases believe that one of the reasons that psi abilities are found more often in animals than in humans is because of speech. Is it possible that our focus on the logical world of our five senses is holding us back from having the same or a similar connection that our animal friends do?

Many of us animal lovers have experienced a time when we are scared or upset and our fuzzy friend has come to comfort us. Perhaps animals are empaths as well.

Is your animal friend psychic?  Have you had experiences like these? Let us know in the comments below!

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