Aquaponic Garden: 5 Reasons Why it is the Best Way to Grow Food

Are you wondering if Aquaponics is right for you? If it will help with your family and if it will help with all of your food needs? There are five reasons why hundreds of thousands of people are setting up their own Aquaponic system.

Aquaponics is a type of food production that uses fish and a grow medium. This growing medium has about a few nutrients on their own and the rest of the nutrients comes from the fish.

Why are Aquaponics systems taking over the world? Why are so many people wanting to do Aquaponics systems?

Well, let’s look at the many things that Aquaponics systems provide. You can feed your family with so much fresh organic food straight from your household.

You can get 10 times the produce than before with an Aquaponics system then growing it in the dirt.

It is 40% less labor-intensive than normal traditional farming methods.

Uses over 67% less energy than conventional normal gardening.

It can use up to 90%+ less water the normal agricultural gardening methods today.

So a few of the benefits is you’ll be working less for your food, you will be feeding your family organic food all year round, and you use less energy and less water in your production process. Meaning you will have a lot more time money and space in your garden.

Now let’s get into why Aquaponics is so popular and five reasons why you should choose Aquaponics.


1. An Aquaponics system fruit and vegetables grow 10 times faster than in a normal agricultural method.

Apparently, in an Aquaponics system, your plants have more nutrients all day long provided from the fish. 24 hours a day seven days a week from fish poop.

There is no soil but there is a medium which the roots can grow through. Since there is no soil you have less of a chance of a pest infestation and it is usually raised above the ground so it’s harder for the worms and caterpillars to get and stay in your Aquaponic system.

Another benefit to having no soil is that it is easier to pick out weeds and there is less of a chance for weeds to grow. You can also plant your crops twice as densely which means you will have more production. Your plants will also grow 2 to 3 times faster than normal conventional agricultural methods.

2. Aquaponics are cheaper to start up and cheaper to run.

When you start an Aquaponic system all you need is a tub to fill up with water and a tub for your plants to grow it as well as grow mediums, a pump and also, fish. There are many videos online that can show you DIY basics of how to start Aquaponics system.

Some videos say that you can do it for free. Many other videos say that it will cost at least around $20, some of the higher class ones cost $50-75. Premade could be $150. All items can be locally sourced quickly from your local hardware store or even equipment that you have it your house.

Like I stated before many of the Aquaponics systems can be built for free or under 20$. The cost of maintaining the system is very low, you can use goldfish as your fish medium. (about 10 cents at PetSmart.) You can also grow tilapia or other fish as well to eat if that is your choice that is.

3. The Aquaponic system is actually 95% automated.

This means that you don’t have to do anything except for build the Aquaponics system and take out your food when it’s ready.

You don’t use soil which means that there is no need for weeding. Since Aquaponics uses 90% less water, and a filter system with a pump that is automatic, that means that you don’t have to water your garden. The grow beds are usually waist high or vertical towers, which means that you don’t have to get on your hands and knees, in order to pick up your food.

You will not have any backbreaking experiences or strained back because you should be gathering it right where you’re standing. Instead of all of this other work, all you have to do is give a simple pH test every now and then and also check the ammonia levels according to certain videos and other things of what it should be for the type of fish and the type of plants that you are creating.

4. Aquaponics can also be a different source of income.

pexels-photo-29795-largeDid you know that you can go to a farmers market and sell your Aquaponic goods? Once you’ve established your system it may be too much for you and your family to even eat. With all the extra stuff you can sell it to your neighbors or you can sell it at a farmers market.

You can also make more Aquaponic systems and then create a little farm out of it. It doesn’t take many systems to create a full farm. According to other Aquaponics people you can actually harvest an acres worth of food in less than a 1/4 acre.

5. Aquaponic systems are safer, healthier, and tastier for everyone!

Vegetables, fruit, and fish from normal methods, conventional supermarkets often are less tasty than food from Aquaponic systems.

Conventional produce has pesticides and often isn’t packed with nutrients when compared with Aquaponic food. The food also travels many many miles to get to you. This method wastes gas and other things including drivers time, farmers travel and packaging.

It’s a lot easier with less effort to get the food from your house, you go to the backyard, grab the salad for tonight rinse it off and now you’re eating a salad.

There are other problems as well with farmers growing in mass quantities, there are plagues, bugs, and even plant diseases that can harm the food after a while. Some plants have been known to cause or to stop themselves from growing through bacteria being produced.

building-joy-planning-plans-largeAlso, weather can be affected as well if you grow a crop that is not native to the environment it could change the nutrients in the ground destroy bug life and change the entire environment.

The good thing with Aquaponics is that it uses 90% less water than normal methods and we won’t plant into the soil which means the soil has more room to grow native plants that are native to the environment and can help the native species. This means you can grow organic 100%, and still, help the environment.

This is why we believe that Aquaponic systems are the future of farming.

We can spend way less money on the system, while feeding our families, using 40% less labor, possibly have an alternative source of income, use 90% less water than conventional agriculture methods, and have tastier hundred percent organic food.

Aquaponics can be the future. It can be our future to make a more native environment while still having the food that we love. Food is an important part of our life, it has a bunch of different methods and ways of production.

There is not one source of food that helps provide us with nutrients we need, there are many ways to get our nutrients, especially foods that are native to our environment.

Why not grow the food we love in Aquaponics systems (that are not native to the environment) and support the native environment by growing native foods and native ornamental plants on the ground? This way we are using twice the space in only the same place.

Thank you for reading and go native and go Aquaponics!

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