Hacking the Living Matrix with Energy Healing

Believe it or not the doctor you’re treated by, the pills you are taking, the treatments you undergo or even the surgery you have isn’t what heals your body or cures your illness. Herbs, medicines, exercise and therapy only do one thing; they support the body’s ability to heal itself. Whether you get sick or break your leg, the healing that takes place comes from your own immune system, and body’s ability to regenerate.

With that being known, we do have the ability to make sure our body and mind have the proper support they need in order to both expedite our healing and help us heal more completely. This can be done with many different plant medicines, eating a healthy diet, exercising, reducing stress, and cultivating a holistic and positive way of life. Being surrounded by loving family or friends can also aid in the healing process.

The power of the mind is also incredibly significant in the healing process. Even if you just study the placebo effect you will be shocked at how many times the body will find a way to heal itself once it perceives that it has permission to do so. The science behind how it works is largely unknown but there is definitely a common underlying factor that we often forget in our society: we have much more power over our situation and health than we have previously been lead to believe.

Via medicinenet.com
Via medicinenet.com

The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing

In the documentary The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing they go over some of the most powerful factors that affect our ability to heal and create a holistic life. The major focus of the film is the science and case-by-case evidence proving not only our ability to heal our own body, but how receiving energy healing can expedite the healing process.

pexels-photo-large-1The film includes experts in many fields including psychology, bioenergetic research, holistic and homeopathic doctors, nutritionists and many other dedicated scientists. It follows practitioners and patients as they explain the process of how traditional healthcare is starting to see the benefits of this field and people are beginning to recover from many major diseases.

One of the example cases in the documentary is a young boy with cerebral palsy who struggles to walk on the flat part of his foot, open his hand, walk down stairs, or even hug his parents. He comes in contact with an energy healer who is able to bring him a great deal of relief, ease his pain and greatly increase his quality of life.

Another story talks about the incredible stories of a woman who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and about another woman who has fibromyalgia and had almost completely stopped functioning because of her chronic fatigue syndrome. Each of these patients was positively impacted by the holistic therapies or energy healing.

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Modern medicine really doesn’t have a framework for the vast possibilities and potential of the healing power of the body and mind combination. The major barrier comes down to the current system being based entirely on a biochemical system. Though we do have many important chemical reactions and hormones in our system, there is also a whole web of electrical energy that influences our mind, body, and emotions.

Our Minds Physically Change our Body

The alternative and more holistic approach in this documentary really helps us understand how we can push the limits on our own life in order to increase our own health and wellness while also reaching our potential.

pexels-photo-12344-largeOne of my favorite examples is the study they present where people went to the gym and exercised their biceps while another group sat at home and visualized the exercise. In both groups, the researchers saw increased muscle mass. It is incredible when you think about how the body couldn’t tell the difference between what happens physically and what happens only in our minds.

Our Thoughts Matter

In the end, it’s absolutely crucial that we take the time to train our minds in such a way that we aren’t overrun with our negative and limiting thoughts. If you are continuously thinking that your situation is helpless, it makes it extremely hard for the body to heal itself. Tools such as positive thinking, sending compassionate thoughts to others, and elevating our thinking patterns can be one of the key factors in our own self-healing process.

Another example from the film that stuck out to me is the experiment where the doctors performed surgery on a group of patients that all complained of knee pain and had been diagnosed with arthritis. Half of the surgeries were real and the others were faked in a way that appeared real to the patient on the outside. In the end, both groups healed up as if they had the surgery, but half of them never had any actual surgery– only the belief that they had experienced it.

This shows us that, when we are convinced that something will heal us, our body will begin to heal itself in a way that should encourage a worldwide study of mind over matter and information-based therapies.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about energy healing, information-based therapy, and how this could impact the medical world.


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