How to Jumpstart Your Health at the New Moon

Living in harmony with the moon cycle is one of the most natural and ancient ways to connect with the flow of life and nature. The New Moon has long been recognized as a time of renewal and new beginnings. Traditionally, seeds were planted at the time of the new moon with the belief that the would grow better planted at this point in the cycle.

With this idea in mind, we now also “plant” our intentions at the time of the new moon. It is the ideal time to set new goals and wishes!  Every 28 days we experience a new moon, but in our contemporary world, we have become detached from the lunar cycle and are often not even aware of the moon phase. Reconnecting with the moon cycle is a healthy and natural way to return to connection with cycles of nature.

On April 7th, we will experience an especially lucky and bright New Moon in Aries! The astrological year begins in the sign of Aries, so this is the very first new moon of the astrological year. It is doubly powered for new beginnings because not only is the new moon itself all about this fresh seed-like energy, but the sign of Aries is associated with new beginnings as well.

The sign of Aries is all about the Self, independence, courage, authenticity, self-discovery, and courage. These are ideal topics to focus on during the Aries New Moon. Aries also rules our physical body and Self, so this is the optimal time to set intentions around healing, wellness, self-care, and living a truly courageous life.

So, how can you go about making a new moon wish?

Setting your intentions at the new moon will feel natural, easy, and in flow once you start doing it! Feel free to freestyle your own way, and here are 3 Easy Steps:


3 Easy Steps to Intention-Setting at the New Moon:

1)  Set intentions in the positive. Here are some examples:

“I easily find myself making choices that are in the best interest of my health.”

“I enjoy moving my body in healthy and joyful ways.”

“I take excellent care of myself.”

“I accept the leadership of my own life.”

“I am empowered to live my healthiest, happiest life.”

See how it works? Simply take your heart’s desire (journaling a bit first can help to clarify exactly what it is you are wanting) and state it as if it is already true. This is your intention.

2) Put the exact time of the new moon in your calendar as a reminder.

Intention-setting is most powerful close to the time of the new moon! You can set your intentions anytime within the 72 hours of the moon for it to be at its most powerful. (I have listed the times below for easy access.)

3) When the new moon is exact, or soon after, write down your intention. It can also help to say it out loud or share it with a friend. Write and speak your desire into reality! It works!

Additional awesome new moon ideas:

Make a new moon altar for your wish. Simply clear a sacred space and place your written intention on your altar alongside any objects, pictures, or gemstones that have any meaning for you and will help charge up your intention.

Create a vision board that represents your intention. The power of the new moon lingers for three days, so make your vision board within three days of the new moon!

I’m so excited for you to use the powerful of this magical moon as your personal reset. If you have been looking for a fresh start, this is it!  What will you wish for during the Aries New Moon? We’d love to hear in the comments!  

New Moon Times for Reference:

April 7th  4:25a PST (Los Angeles)

April 7th  6:25a CST (Chicago)

April 7th  7:25a EST (New York)

April 7th  2:25p UTC (London)

April 7th  7:25p CST (Beijing)

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