These 16 Pieces of Undeniable Evidence Prove That Humans are Actually Herbivores

There has been a long-running debate between vegans, or people who don’t consume any animal products, and people who claim to be omnivores about whether or not humans are actually herbivores. Is it possible that we have been wrong all along?

When you actually sit down and look at the evidence not only is there a lot of evidence why we should stop eating meat in order to help heal the planet but there is also a lot of evidence that it will save our health as well. We have grown accustomed to being sick and it is time for that to change.

First, let’s take a look at what some stats about how animal agriculture is affecting the planet as a whole and then we will look at how it is influencing our bodies.

Environmental impact of Animal Agriculture

  • Livestock consumes 50% of the U.S. water supply
  • They consume 80% of our grain
  • 20 pounds of forage and grain is required to create 1 pound of meat
  • 2,500 gallons of water is needed to create 1 pound of meat
  • only 25 gallons of water is needed to make 1 pound of wheat
  • 500,000 animals are killed every hour in the US for their meat [13]

We know that there are lots of awesome benefits to the environment when we go vegan but is it what we should have been doing all along? Let’s take a minute to go over the evidence and decide for ourselves.

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16 Reasons Humans are Really Herbivores

  1. Bad Cholesterol only comes from eating animal-based products. [1][2]
  2. Herbivores have an ideal weight and are the only category of humans that are within the healthy BMI on average.[10]IMG_1076
  3. Psychologically we are herbivores because blood, guts, and gore gross the majority of us out. Omnivores and carnivores are not disgusted when they see these things.
  4. Our Tongues don’t have fat or meat receptors. This means that we cannot taste much of anything when we eat raw meat. We do taste salt and plant seasonings but neither of those are animal products.[6]IMG_1078
  5. We chew side to side like cows whereas dogs and others meat-eating animals cannot.
  6. Omnivores have sharp molars that hang over their lower jaw. These molars are designed to chomp and break bones. Our molars are located on top of each other. IMG_1079
  7. Omnivores have large opening mouths and throats designed to swallow meat whole. We have much smaller mouth openings and small throats for our chewed food just like other herbivores.
  8. Our Stomach Ph is between 4 and 5 just like other herbivores. Omnivores have a Ph of 1 which is extremely acidic and is used to digest meat. For example, a wolf can devour 20 lbs of meat in a single meal. If we were to try and do the equivalent we would have to eat over 100 burgers in one sitting in order to compare.
  9. The stomachs of omnivores are 2/3rds of the size of their digestive systems whereas humans and other herbivores have stomachs that are 1/4th the size of our digestive tracts.
  10. When Vegan gut bacteria was studied it was found to contain the most healthy types of bacteria. Once the vegans started to eat meat they quickly developed harmful types of bacteria. [7][8]
  11. Herbivore and human intestines are 10-12 times their body lengths and omnivores intestines are only 4-6 times their body length.
  12. Many doctors believe that humans are herbivores such as William C. Roberts MD. His work shows us that eating animal products actually hurts our health and will clog our arteries. Since heart disease is the number 1 killer in the US it is important to take care of our arteries. [5]
    William C. Roberts MD
    William C. Roberts MD


  13. In a study when other herbivores were made to eat animal products they started to get clogged arteries. This won’t happen to your dog. [4]12980386_593702330784409_105042831_n
  14. Our teeth aren’t shaped like other meat eaters especially when it comes to our canines. They just aren’t designed to pierce the skin and eat flesh.
    Regular Human Teeth
    Regular Human Teeth
    Human teeth if we had omnivore teeth for eating meat.
    Human teeth if we had omnivore teeth for eating meat.
  15. Many people argue that if we were supposed to be herbivores then the important vitamin B12 wouldn’t only come from meat. The truth is that B12 comes from bacteria in the soil which is how other herbivores get it. We also can get it from the environment but we choose to drink purified water. That is why many vegans choose to just take a supplement.
  16. The Okinawan people of Japan are one of the most herbivorous cultures on the planet and they are also said to be the most healthy and live the longest. These is no way that this is a coincidence. [11]

Let us know in the comments below what you think about these 16 things and if you think that humans are herbivores or omnivores?12966037_593702314117744_76004640_n

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