In Flow Daily: What is Ascension?

I haven’t written or spoken about Ascension in a very long time. With that being said I feel like I have learned a lot over the years about my view of spirituality, balance and what it is I want to create in the world.

I used to think that Ascension was being positive all the time, putting myself above the rest of the world, having no flaws, and many other lies. What I have learned since then is that Ascension, for me, is much more about balance, expanding outside of my comfort zone, and my personal favorite: being grounded while still having wings. (Something my girlfriend Lisa taught me.)

My life and process doesn’t need to be a battle of egos or one-upping the world. I can have a very meaningful life, make a difference, and create the reality I want if I choose to. However, I do need to get to work and build it if I want it to be more than just a nice idea.

Give yourself to be perfect in your imperfection, use “mistakes” and “hard times” as lessons for growth. And remember that everything is happening for you, not to you.


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Kirsten is a writer who loves to practice vipassana meditation, yoga, travel, and learning about nature, consciousness, and how to make the world a better place. Her current interests involve studying and practicing flow, staying In Flow, and recognizing the natural flow of the universe. Kirsten loves to learn about the holistic healing arts. She is also interested in ancient cultures and practices such as Druidism. Kirsten is honored to be apart of such an incredible movement of love and heart centered living in this world.

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