Kill Mold and Mildew with Tea Tree Oil!

When it comes to cleaning our bathrooms one of the major concerns is the mildews and mold that form easily in the warm and moist conditions of our bathroom.

We want to get rid of these issues because they can not only damage our walls, ceilings, showers, and floors but mold can get into the air causing respiratory infections and other illnesses that weaken our immune systems.

We rely on our bathrooms to be clean so they can help us stay clean and disease free.

Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are made out of some of the best healing plants in the world and can help protect you and your family against many microorganisms that could take advantage of a weakened immune system.

What is great about essential oils is that if they are used properly they are safe to come into contact with. I don’t know about you but there are countless bathroom cleaners that I wouldn’t want on my own skin, let alone on my family or pets skin!  To steer clear of that I make sure I know what ingredients I am using around my home and use their healing powers to help keep the unwanted microbes away while also boosting our immune systems.

Not all Microbes are Bad!

Traditional store-bought disinfectants kill microbes without mercy. Though that may sound like a good thing there are actually countless microorganisms that are helpful to our bodies and our environment.

Did you know that you couldn’t properly digest your food or absorb the nutrients without the help of microbes in your gut? This is why we need to be selective in what kinds of microbes we keep away and which ones we leave alone.

Instead of trying to memorize and go to crazy lengths to make sure you are only fighting the right microbes there is a quick trick that can help expedite the process so you can get to cleaning and have a healthier home.

Use Nature and Plants to help! 

Healing herbs have had to learn over millions of years how to fight off the bad bugs while allowing the helpful ones to stick around. Since essential oils and medicinal oils are made out of these incredible plants they are great to use as a cleaner in your home.

If you don’t want to buy oils and have helpful herbs in your garden then try making your own medicinal oils following this guide here!  Also, if you are wanting to make an all-purpose cleaner check out this guide here!

Oils for the Bathroom

The two oils that you will see in the recipes below are tea tree and grapefruit oil. Here are some of their awesome benefits!

  • Grapefruit is a refreshing scent that will help you fight off stress, depression, hair loss, colds, the flu, cellulite, obesity, muscle fatigue, and acne.
  • Tea tree is very common all over the world in spas, salons, and pharmacies. It is great for fighting and preventing infections, dandruff, respiratory issues, sunburns, and wounds.

How to Make your own Bathroom Cleaner!

If you are trying to keep away the mildew and mold try using this cleaner in bathrooms. You can apply it on the grout, caulking or around your bathtub or mix it in a spray!



  1. combine the tea tree oil and the water together in the spray bottle and shake it well.
  2. Spritz the mixture onto the mildew or mold without washing it off. Let it sit and do its work on the stains!

Bathtub Cleaner for Waxy Soap Buildup!



  1. Use a smaller bowl to stir together the grapefruit oil, tea tree oil, and baking soda.
  2. Sprinkle the mixed powder into your bathtub and scrub it with a sponge or brush.
  3. Rince your bathtub and enjoy!

Warning: Keep the oils away from your mouth, nose and eyes as they are concentrated and can be irritating. If you are sensitive to oils wear gloves when you are cleaning.

Sources: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Sonoma Press, 2014 P. 223-235, 263-264, 304,

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