Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark have discovered a way to store huge amounts of oxygen in crystals! Imagine what the future holds with deep sea and space adventures with this new discovery!

A crystalline cobalt salt was discovered that could store a room full of the element in a single bucket.

What is excellent about this substance is that it can be used over and over without harming the crystal or the oxygen.  They explain it using the idea of a sponge, the crystal will absorb the oxygen over and over without issue.

The scientists would like to use it to replace the heavy oxygen tank model, especially for divers.

“It can be used for lung patients lugging gas cylinders. Divers can absorb oxygen from the water around them with this substance. A few grains of the substance contains enough oxygen to breath – the fabric will automatically take up breatheable air from the water again… “  -Christine McKenzies 

So while you are on your dive your new crystal technology tank would be absorbing more oxygen for you to breathe.  Perhaps in the near future, we will be able to even have underwater cities!

If we are able to store large amounts of oxygen in a small space we will also be able to extend our time for human space travel.  Maybe this is the breakthrough we need to begin our exploration of other planets.

Another awesome implication of this crystal technology is in hydrogen powered cars.  The engineers have designed the engines to work on hydrogen and oxygen, so perhaps with this new substance we can make the cars many times more efficient and possibly even cheaper.

What would you like to see us create with crystal technology?


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