Reality, 10 reasons why its really God’s Video Game (Video)

Alan Watts talks about reality being a dream set up for the experience and expansion of the soul. Could God have set up life like a video game?

Think about major online role-playing games. You start out by picking a storyline, then you design your character, customize the appearance, skills, and background story. Then you “log in” and play that character.

Perhaps this is why people are remembering past lives, they have “rolled” other characters in their past and played other games.

This reality is multiplayer so you can take on harder quests with groups and have people to share in your adventure.  Imagine if in this reality whenever you have a challenge or task it was a quest in life’s video game?  Suddenly doing your homework or accomplishing that next goal becomes exciting and fun.

pexels-photo-123335-largeThis makes me smile a little bit because of how most questing systems work in big role playing games.  Most quests are acquired based on characters you interact with, in your storyline, asking you to do things for them.  By doing these tasks your character gains a good reputation with the person you helped, experience from the task, and typically some kind of reward. Usually, the reward is a favor, item or payment that creates an equal energy exchange between the quest giver and the player.

The reason this makes me smile is because I remember back to my mom asking me to take out the trash when I was a kid and I can just visualize what it would have been like if a quest bubble popping up saying “Do you accept this quest?” with a Yes and a No Option.

pexels-photo-67474-largePerhaps in life, we have main quest lines and we have off quest lines. What I mean by that is events or life paths that are super important to our spiritual growth. Those would be our main quest lines. And we also have smaller side quests that can aid the main quest but isn’t crucial for your personal storyline to progress such as getting that new outfit for work.

When life gets particularly stressful, thinking about life in video game terms helps me continue moving forward with a clear head. In real life instead of getting into fights my friends and I will unite and work together on the problem at hand, be it an issue with another person or money stresses, we will essentially “group up” for our “boss fight” in real life and tackle the problem head on.

We all have different roles, talents, and experience in life. This can equate to the video game world of classes, talent trees and levels of experience. Some people have different achievements than others. Some people are more solo gamers whereas other more social people are always “looking for a group”.

Check out these ten interesting theories about reality that could suggest a video Game universe.  I really like number 2!

Top 10 Reasons the Reality is God’s Video Game

Maybe all the problems we have in the world can be battled on a metaphorical level using teamwork. If we all group up for a specific cause and work to power level the people around us, it will be easy to make this world a better place and bring the excitement back to daily life.

Perhaps the secret to staying excited and having a successful experience is to gamify your life!

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and happy questing.

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