Relieve Sinusitis with Pineapple!

So it’s spring time and your only goal is to do some cleaning and enjoy the beautiful warming weather, the blooming flowers and spend some time in the sun. Then suddenly you remember that when the weather changes then allergy season starts because of the pollen.

According to some studies, 25-70% of people who have sinusitis are triggered because of environmental allergies.

Maybe it isn’t allergies that trigger it for you and instead, it was what you ate for dinner last night, or you just catch a random bug and now you are experiencing sinus pressure, a headache, and congestion.


This miserable condition happens when you have inflammation in the upper respiratory area such as in the sinuses and it can influence your whole head. If you have ever experienced something like this then you know just how easy it is to become overwhelmed and feel like you cannot function because of it.

Over 31 million people in the US suffer from sinus issues and over 16 million visit their doctor because of it. Your sinuses are hollowed out areas connected to the inside of your nose that stretch in a few different directions but are primarily located behind your cheeks and forehead. This is why when the pressure builds up because of infection it can put pressure on your face, eyes, forehead and brain making it really hare to

This is why when the pressure builds up because of infection it can put pressure on your face, eyes, forehead and brain making it really hard to think straight, let alone get anything accomplished.

Some Herbs and Natural Treatments that can Help Ease the pressure!

What can you do? Well, we recommend starting with a few of there alternative treatments to help boost your own bodies ability to heal. If you don’t find relief in this then you may want to talk with your doctor.

  1. Drink lots of fluids– It may seem that with all of the drainage that too much fluid may be part of the problem but you need lots of moisture to help your sinuses drain the excess mucous. Take a hot shower or bath and allow the moist air to loosen everything up.
  2. Eat lots of Vitamin C– Vitamin C is found in many different plants especially citrus fruit and can really help your immune system fight infections.
  3. Vaporize your air– Use a humidifier of something like that to help moisten your air. This is especially important if you live in a dry climate. If you have a diffuser try using eucalyptus essential oil.
  4. Eat Hot and Spicy foods/soups! Try chewing on horseradish root or eating some soup with garlic in it to help open up the nasal passages.
  5. Sleep propped up– Use a recliner or pile up your pillows so that you are on an incline when you rest. This will help the drainage as well as help you breathe properly.

Why You Should Try Pineapple

In a double-blind study bromelain, which is an enzyme in the pineapple fruit, was found to help 87% of people with sinus issues to feel significantly better. If you were going to try this one out you would need to eat pineapple three times a day for several days or until you felt the symptoms improve.

Whenever I notice myself starting to get sick I will eat just a little bit a few times a day and I can almost always feel a difference!

What do you do to help your body heal from sinus issues? Let us know in the comments below!


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