The Wisdom of Children: How to Have A Meaningful Life

The wisdom of children has always baffled me. There is something so pure and gentle about those curious little eyes that compels us to listen. Even though we have been here longer, there is a priceless amount of wisdom that they will share openly if given the opportunity.

A friend of mine even told me that she isn’t sure if she is here to guide her child through life or if it is the other way around.

Statistics show us that when people get to the end of their lives they have more regrets about the things they didn’t do than the things they did. What would your future self say to you right now? What is it that you haven’t done or made that you will regret when you are old?

Is there a book that you want to write, an adventure to travel, or maybe a technology that you want to invent?

These adorable children have life figured out. They know what we should focus on in order to have a full and happy life. Check out what they have to teach us below!

We need to follow our hearts and live the life that we feel inspired to live. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get to the end of our lives and know that we were persistent in accomplishing our dreams and that we had zero regrets?

I feel that we would have a lot of awesome health benefits both physically and mentally if we took the time to follow this wonderful advice and lived a life we could be proud of.

Thank you so much Prince EA for putting together this beautiful video. Let us know in the comments below what wisdom you have heard from children in your life.

Drawings by Sibilla Deganutti (9yrs old)
Massimo Salmaso (6yrs old)
Anna Salmaso (9yrs old)
Anna Masenello (9yrs old)
Special Thanks to Raffaella Traniello

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